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These Lips Don’t Lie

These Lips Don’t Lie There are many misnomers and misconceptions about Lip Filler . Lots of younger women are getting their lips done thanks to the Kardashian effect, but many don’t really know what they are getting into. Let’s lift the veil to show what is behind the curtain when it comes to Lip Fillers. History of Lip Fillers Dermal fillers as they are known made their debut in the 1970s when various animal collagens had been researched and tested enough to use on humans and therefore collagen injections and implants were introduced. Specifically, bovine collagen, or collagen derived from cows was used as a filler.  Before these collagen injections we need to go back a bit more to the history of what most medspa practices use today which is Hyaluronic Acid. Two medical researchers at Columbia University originally determined two of the functions of hyaluronic acid to be hydration of the skin and sustaining a plump appearance. In 1934, these researchers, Karl Meyer and John Pa

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